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AlUla is the World’s Masterpiece. A journey through time on the legendary Incense Road, visitors can today encounter open-air galleries of deep history and living memory, with the art of ancient people and architectural monuments exhibited in its landscape. This heritage – including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hegra – is set within a spectacular environment including dramatic canyons, sweeping deserts and vibrant oasis.

In 2020, EcoTrail AlUla was the first event of its kind in Saudi Arabia – bringing together sport, heritage and nature for over 600 participants in four categories: 10k, 45k, 83k and 10k hike. 61 nationalities were represented, 30% of which were women.

EcoTrail AlUla is back in 2022. On March 18th and 19th, participants will be able to choose their own sporting adventure surrounded by wonderful historical landscapes.

For ultra runners, 80 km or 50 km races are available. Other formats also exist such as the 25km or the 10km. Participants can also choose to walk or hike the 10km route.

Two special events will take place on Friday 18th March - a Sunset Run that will leave you with lasting memories, and a Children’s Race.

During EcoTrail 2022 AlUla will be celebrating AlUla Moments – a special season that will feature extraordinary art, heritage and nature including performances, exhibitions and dining across AlUla’s stunning landscapes.