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EcoTrail® was founded in Paris for the purpose of promoting and organizing trail running races in urban environments. In light of this success, Run For You has decided to develop the concept in the form of partnerships with local players in other countries worldwide (destinations in Europe & Asia). The project comes from the desire to offer to AlUla and their surroundings a true ecoresponsible, close to nature race, accessible to all, highlighting the cultural and natural character of this region with respect of the nature and promotion of Trail-Running.

The production of EcoTrail® AlUla will be a unique experience to invite people to visit the city/area on March 2022!






• 10:00 am - 20:00 pm: Race Pack Collection @Race Office in Al Makhar

• 16:30 pm - Technical race briefing (Q&A)

• 17:00 pm - EcoTrail Sunset Run Start

• 17:15 pm - EcoTrail Kid’s Race Start

• 17:30 pm - EcoTrail Kid’s Race Finish closure

• 18:30 pm - EcoTrail Sunset Run Finish closure

• 19:00 pm - Opening Ceremony incl. Welcome Speech by Afalula, RCU, EcoTrail President etc

• 19:30 pm - EcoTrail Sunset Run & Kid’s race Podium Ceremony

• 19:45 pm - Welcome Dinner at Al Makhar incl. sing/dance performances

• 22:00 pm - Dinner closure


Note: Sunrise at 6:34 am / Sunset at 18:39 pm

• 06:00 am: Start 80km Run at Sahary Resort

• 07:00 am: Start 50km Run at Sahary Resort

• 08:00 am: Start 25km Run at Maraya backroad junction

• 08:30 am: Start 10km Run & Hike at Hegra

• 10:30 am: Cut-off 10km Run & Hike at Hegra

• 12:00 pm: Cut-off 25km Run at Hegra

• 14:30 pm: Cut-off 50 km Run at Hegra

• 18:30 pm: Cut-off 80km Run at Hegra