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Feedbacks Runners

We ask to some AlUla's runners what is different/ unique in AlUla as a trail running destination. Look at their answers below. 

“What is unique in AlUla? The landscapes and the welcoming of the people, the motivation of the volunteer at the finish line till late evening” Marine, BE, 83km

“Overall THANK YOU so much for this event. It was wonderful for our group. We all had a memorable time. I think many would plan again next time and more would join.  Hoping EcoTrail AlUla grows and becomes a fixture here.  Also looking to join another of your events soon.” Dean, USA, 83km

"The rocks of course. The best part of the course was probably the first 15km before you hit the road. I am based in Jeddah and do trail running there so much of the terrain was familiar. The sand of course is not common in many places but while unique is perhaps the worst aspect of the course, adding little other than difficulty and discomfort (many would say there should be some of that in an ultramarathon or what’s the point)." Shaun, UK, 45km

"What's unique in AlUla? The landscape ! and the quantity of sand :-) (maybe too much....)" Amandine, FR, 45km

"The sensation of being in a privileged place: yet untouched by tourists. The atmosphere is quite unique as well." Stéphanie, FR, 45km

“It was incredible, something really different from what I've seen before” Tatiana, UKR, Hike 10km